Want to Nominate and Vote for the Hugo Awards?

The nomination period for the Hugo Awards opens this week, and you can still sign up to nominate and vote!

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The Hugos are roughly equivalent to the People’s Choice Awards, in that the awards are determined by science fiction and fantasy fans rather than professionals in the field. The categories include Best Novel, Best Short Story, Best Related Work, Best Dramatic Presentation, and so forth.

Anyone with an Attending or Supporting membership in last year’s, this year’s, or next year’s World Science Fiction Convention can submit nominations. Supporting membership in this year’s Worldcon, Loncon 3 — to be held in London in August — run about $60 $40 (depending on the exchange rate), for which you receive electronic copies of nearly every nominated work, including portfolios from the nominated artists. Only members of the current Worldcon can vote for the Hugos, and you have until the end of January to join the convention in order to nominate and vote.

Anyway, even though this page says you can nominate now, the Loncon3 front page says the Hugo nomination period opens later this week, which seems to be the case since the nomination form wasn’t working as I prepared this blog post. In the meantime, you can find general information on this Hugo Awards page, and nomination-specific information here.

The nomination period closes at the end of March, but remember: if you want to nominate, you need to join Worldcon before the end of January!

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4 Responses to Want to Nominate and Vote for the Hugo Awards?

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  3. Laura says:

    And don’t forget to tell us what works you have that are eligible. 🙂