What’s NASA Going to Announce Today?

This afternoon’s NASA “Science Update” is supposed to include an announcement about a “major extrasolar planet discovery” made by the Hubble Space Telescope. See this link for more information.

In today’s space history, a seeming disrepancy: one NASA site says today is the 30th anniversary of the launch of the “Einstein Observatory,” the second High Energy Astrophysical Observatory (HEAO-2), but this page gives the mission start date as yesterday. Since I found the 13th noted in more places than the 12th — not that I did any kind of exhaustive search — I’m comfortable posting this as today’s space anniversary. (It’s not as if I can go back and post it yesterday.)

Now, I wonder if blogging counts as reporting in terms of getting a spot in that NASA press teleconference this afternoon. 😉 It’s all research, isn’t it? It may not show up in the novel I’m writing now — unless they’ve discovered a planet with a moon like ours — but who knows what novel I might write next?

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