The Gray Man’s Recommendations for Near-Future, Near-Space SF Novels

With apologies for eventually asking you to click through to another site, I was recently invited to submit a book recommendation list to, a new and growing book recommendation portal. It’s still currently in “beta,” but it’s a pretty neat site with a huge variety of book recommendation lists.

They gave me complete freedom to select and recommend any books I wanted, and (not surprisingly) the list I created is what I consider to be The best stories about near-future, near-space (though I confess I used the term “near space” VERY loosely).

In hopes that you’ll click the link above and go check it out, I won’t repeat the whole list here, but to give you the flavor of it: My first recommendation is Robert A. Heinlein’s The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

(NASA image of Earth over the lunar plain.)

So please check it out! and if you like something you see, please share it with your friends!

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