This is My New Blog …

Sort of the same as my old blog: Same name, same posts (transferred from the old one), but new software.

The main reason for the switch is the demise of the Space Warfare Forum; without that, there’s no reason to keep forum software running and to use its somewhat clunky blog interface. I suppose I could keep both going, but I can’t think of a good reason. (Anybody got one?) My hope is that keeping this new blog up and working will be a little less labor-intensive than the other.

Still working some of the kinks out —¬†cleaning up the old posts that didn’t transfer quite right, figuring out what features to include and how to get all the little things to work —¬†but even slow progress is progress. Not sure when re-directs will be in place.

So, for now, here it is.

Your thoughts?


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2 Responses to This is My New Blog …

  1. Erik Eliasen says:

    Good luck Gray!