On the Road to Dragon*Con, the Anti-Campaign Surfaces

Driving through the Triad on the way to Dragon*Con yesterday, right around Thomasville, I noticed a blue Dodge pickup truck with a very interesting political message on the tailgate. Neatly spelled out in precise white letters was the simple message:


— which sums up why I started the Anti-Campaign.

I have no way of contacting the gentleman in the truck; he pulled off I-85S at exit 106 (Finch Farm Road). If anyone knows who drives a dark blue Dodge pickup with North Carolina plates and a University of Georgia-style “G” affixed to the roll bar, let him know that I appreciate the sentiment.

And if you feel the same way about any of this year’s political races — that you’d rather have someone else, anyone else, than the candidates on the ballot — feel free to write in my name.

I’m the Anti-Candidate, and I approved this message.

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