Progress Report: 90% Toward the Goal

In football terms, I guess I’d be first-and-goal at the ten right now. Tonight I finished writing Chapter 17 and crossed the 90,000-word mark in my novel-in-progress. That gives me less than a week to crank out the last 10K if I’m going to make my word-count goal by the end of the month.

(Despite the fact that it’s November, I did not enroll in National Novel Writing Month. I knew there was no way I would crank out 50K in a month, so there’s no correlation between my writing progress and any NANOWRIMO standard.)

The problem right now is that I’m going to reach my word count goal without actually finishing the story. I expect when I hit 100K my characters will be deep in midst of handling ecology and equipment failures that will threaten the lunar colony, and it will take a couple of extra chapters to wrap up those threads. So I probably won’t actually finish the entire draft until the end of the year, at which point I will get to practice my blue-pencil skills on my own manuscript.

So, onward.

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One Response to Progress Report: 90% Toward the Goal

  1. Gray Rinehart says:

    I hope my offensive line is up to the task, Rick. Thanks!