My Guest Spot on the Magical Words Blog

Yesterday I had the honor of being the guest blogger at the “Magical Words” blog. My entry was called, “Some Writers Make My Job Easy, And I Hate Them For It.”

“Hate” is really too strong a word for my feeling; yes, it’s in the title, but it’s hyperbole. If you make my job too easy, I won’t actually hate you; in fact, I probably won’t invest much emotional energy in even disliking you. In truth, we might get along as people, outside the strictly business relationship — offer to buy me a drink at Dragon*Con in a couple of weeks and I won’t turn up my nose at you — but if you make my job too easy then I’m likely to dismiss you as a writer.

I’m very grateful to Misty Massey, Faith Hunter, and David B. Coe for letting me join them on their blog. Hope you enjoy it!

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