My Friends

The other day I posted on Facebook that “I have some pretty cool friends.” What did I mean by that?

(“Friendship,” by Celestine Chua, from Flickr under Creative Commons.)

I posted the following clarification, which I include here for any readers who aren’t on Facebook:

My friends are passionate, smart, funny, creative, inventive, and all around good people.

Some of my friends make music, some make furniture, some make policy; some make people laugh, some make people comfortable, some make really good food that they don’t mind sharing. Some write books, some write poetry, some write academic papers; some write computer programs, some write thank you notes, some write recipes. Some paint portraits, some paint houses. It doesn’t matter if they are creating some new work of art or creating a friendly environment that they share with other people, I can’t think of a single exception to the statement that my friends make my life better and make the world a better place.

So, again: I have some pretty cool friends.

And if you’re reading this, then I reckon you’re one of my pretty cool friends. So, thanks!

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2 Responses to My Friends

  1. Guy Stewart says:

    Here I was all agreeing with you intellectually — and then you go and add the last sentence, and I get all flustered.

    But thanks — the feeling’s mutual.