More Books I Want to Read

“So many books, so little time” has been a refrain in my life for years. My Christmas list is full of books, and I barely get through the ones I receive one year before the next set of gift books arrives. (I’d do better if I didn’t go to the library and pick up books from time to time.)

This evening I had a nice chat with John, a friend from church, and he told me about two books from the Barna Group that I added to my “want to read” list. The first is unChristian, and it presents “research into the perceptions of sixteen- to twenty-nine-year-olds” that “reveals that Christians have taken several giant steps backward” in terms of how we come across to nonbelievers. The second is Pagan Christianity, which traces the historical development of the church structure and service to see how different the current church is from the original church. Both of them sound fascinating to me.

In Heaven, after the feast is over, you can find me in the library. 😉

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0 Responses to More Books I Want to Read

  1. Gray Rinehart says:

    I’m right there with you, Janice! Thanks!

  2. Anonymous says:

    …at least that’s what Thomas Jefferson said and I quite agree. The more times I move, the more convinced I am that I have more books that the average person would think necessary. And that doesn’t include the 6 Rubbermaid tubs in my best friend’s garage in Maryland!! I know Psalms says it’s better to be a doorkeeper in the house of the Lord but I’ll be content to just re-shelve the books in his library!! – Janice