Happy Birthday, H.G. Wells … and Some Space History

One hundred forty-five years ago today — September 21, 1866 — Herbert George Wells was born in Bromley, Kent, England.

(H.G. Wells, sometime around 1890. Public domain image from Wikimedia Commons.)

H.G. Wells, of course, was one of the pioneers of science fiction. Almost everyone is familiar with something Wells wrote — War of the Worlds or The Time Machine or The Invisible Man or The Island of Doctor Moreau — or at least the movie versions of what he wrote.

As for the space history, 10 years ago tomorrow the Deep Space 1 probe flew by Comet Borrelly. Its closest approach was within 1400 miles (2200 kilometers) of the comet.

(Comet Borrelly, taken by Deep Space 1. NASA image.)

And 5 years ago tomorrow — September 22, 2006 — Japan launched the Hinode (“sunrise”) spacecraft to study the Sun’s magnetic field. Hinode, originally known as Solar-B, was a follow-on to their 1991 Solar-A, or “Yohkoh” mission.


Edited to correct date references.

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