Forthcoming Fiction

A brand-new electronic magazine, Redstone Science Fiction, plans to publish my short-short story “Memorial at Copernicus” in an upcoming issue.

How new is Redstone Science Fiction? Their first issue will be June 2010. I love their tagline: “Get us off this rock.”

It will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me and has followed my efforts to sell my novel that “Copernicus” in the story’s title refers to Copernicus Crater on the Moon.

What is it with me and stories that take place on the Moon? I don’t know … except that I’ve always wanted to go there,* and since I can’t go for real I have to settle for going in my imagination. And it’s very nice when I can take a few people along with me.

They tell me my story may appear as early as the August issue.

*Yes, I know I’d be leaving a very comfortable rock for a not-so-comfortable one. But I look at it from the humanity-and-the-galaxy standpoint: it’s not the ultimate destination … just a stepping-stone.

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