Fallow Ground

I confess to a degree of anticipation and trepidation I hadn’t thought possible, with respect to what I will find when I do my first editing pass on MARE NUBIUM. I’m letting the book lie fallow for awhile — turning my attention to some short fiction I’ve neglected over the last few months — and I find myself both anxious to get back into it and nervous that when I do, I won’t like what I find.

I told some of my fellow Literary Boot Camp alumni that I didn’t have this reaction when I wrote my first novel. This one seems more significant to me, for some reason.

I can’t put my finger on why, except at this point in my life I think I have more riding on this novel than on the first one. That one was a shot in the dark; this one was more carefully aimed and more carefully written, and how it fares when I start sending it out will pretty clearly indicate whether I’m dreaming an impossible dream, or one I might actually achieve.

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