The Anti-Campaign: Politics as UNusual

In February, a little weary of the primary season and not too pleased by any of the prospective candidates, we started the “Anti-Campaign” for one simple reason: the idea made us laugh.

Now we’ve started The Anti-Campaign Thread on the forum (in the “General Interest” section), as well as The Anti-Campaign Page on the web site. From time to time we’ll post our thoughts on various issues.

So far, we’ve covered the issues of guns (we like ’em) and taxes (we don’t like ’em, but we tolerate ’em). The taxes discussion was especially timely, since we e-filed our taxes today. (Oh, joy.)

The Anti-Campaign … making sport of politics, “the only sport for adults.”

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0 Responses to The Anti-Campaign: Politics as UNusual

  1. Gray Rinehart says:

    Are we limiting things by focusing solely on SF? What about fantasy characters? Gandalf as National Security Advisor, Elrond as Secretary of State, Aragorn as Secretary of Defense?

  2. karinafabian says:

    Emily Francisco (Alien Nation) wanted to be Secretary of the Interior.

  3. Gray Rinehart says:

    I like it.

    Makes me wonder what other SF characters we could use in the anti-administration….

  4. karinafabian says:

    Don’t forget to address the vital issue of Science Fiction.

    Let’s take one point: the return of Firefly. I can understand McCain not addressing this–though he’d love the guns and horses, his staff would have to work him into the idea of science fiction as a whole.

    But Obama? He’s a democrat–how can he not be aware of a television show? Oh, that’s right. It was on Fox.

    Hilary, I think hinted at it with her campaign ad: It’s 3 AM and the terrorists strike. Who do you want in the White House? The answer is obvious:

    Malcolm Reynolds.

    Karina Fabian
    Fiction, Faith and Fun