Under the Dark Full Moon

Did you get to see the lunar eclipse early this morning?

Instead of staying up late to see the beginning of the eclipse, I decided to get up early to catch it at its darkest. I didn’t even have to set an alarm; I rolled out of bed a little after 3 a.m., tossed on my sweats, and stepped outside to see … clouds.

The clouds were especially dark, in the approximate place where the Moon would have been. Normally a full Moon would shine through the clouds, but not last night.

I failed at going back to sleep, so around 4 a.m. I took a walk under the clouds and the invisible Moon. About halfway through my walk the clouds thinned enough that I thought I saw the limb of the Moon, recently unshadowed. Then the clouds re-asserted themselves and I completed my walk, and when I returned I thankfully got to sleep for a little while.

I hope you had better luck with your eclipse-viewing!

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