Twitter, Taxes, and Reference to A Dissenting Voice

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Yesterday on Twitter, I floated the idea of doing a series of blog entries on the various tax proposals I’ve jotted down in the last few months. No one came forward to tell me how terrible that idea was, so I think I will start the series either this week or next. First I have to decide if it will be daily for a week, or spread out more until Tax Day. Hmmm.

Meanwhile . . .

I have some terrific friends who support and encourage me and who challenge my thinking on a variety of subjects — as “iron sharpens iron,” say the Scriptures. Today I refer you to James Maxey, author of the wonderful superhero novel Nobody Gets the Girl and a trilogy of “dragon age” novels the first two of which — Bitterwood and Dragonforge — were brilliant and make me wish the third one was finished so I could read it.

But James also presents very interesting political arguments that are worth considering and debating, on his Jawbone of an Ass blog. In his latest entry, he compares the “stimulus” package enacted by our Federal government to irresponsible personal spending:

If I add up the credit limits on all my credit cards, I can borrow roughly $70,000 dollars. I could run out tomorrow and spend it all, maybe on a hurricane tour of Vegas. I would certainly feel very rich for a short while. A lot of businesses would feel the benefit of me throwing money around like the sy is the limit. My neighbors might look at me with envy as I pull into the driveway with a new car. I’d be high on the hog–until I had to start paying it back.

I’d probably be okay for a little while. The payments on all this would be pretty high, but I still have my job and some money in savings, so I could meet the payments for a month or two. After I pay down the debt for a couple of months, I could borrow money from the credit I’m opening up in my credit cards and make payments for another month or two.

Still, anyone with a lick of common sense is going to be able to look at my monthly income and compare to my monthly payments and come to the grim conclusion that I don’t stand a chance in the long run. Bankruptcy looms; my only hope is to sell the car I bought, sell all my assets, work multiple jobs, and live on Raman noodles and tap water.

Here’s the direct link.

I don’t agree with all of his proposals, but his underlying premise is sound: we, as a nation, will not long survive if we continue to spend more than we earn. So I commend him to you and encourage you to see what he has to say.

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