Thus Quoth the Phoenix: 'Pottermore'

By now you’ve seen the news, too, and maybe even clicked onto J.K. Rowling’s mysterious new Pottermore web site. Lots of speculatin’ goin’ on about what it all means: an eighth book? a new series? a charitable cause?

My crystal ball is cracked (not my fault: it was my sister’s, and it was that way when she gave it to me), so it’s not usually very accurate. Even so, I’ll say this new venture is either an homage to Poe (as I alluded to in the post title) or a repository of “approved” Harry Potter fan fiction. Why the most famous British author of our time would do an homage to Poe, I don’t know, but maybe there’s a phoenix perched upon a bust of Hecate above her chamber door. Or it could be an owl.

We’ll all know soon enough. Meanwhile, the speculation is good fun and Ms. Rowling is once again the queen of successful promotion. And, I’ve done my part for her search engine optimization by linking to her new web site. Hey, what are fans for?

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