A Solution for the Hillary Democrats

I understand they don’t want to vote for Senator Obama, and it might leave a stain on their souls to vote for Senator McCain. The solution is obvious: they should all vote for the Anti-Candidate!

No party, no speeches, no promises; just a workable slogan based on Jefferson’s maxim, “That government governs best which governs least”: “Governing least–we’d be happy to.” Your convenient write-in vote for any office, anywhere, any time.

Some of the Anti-Candidate’s positions are available on the Anti-Campaign page, and new positions are put on this forum page before they’re added to the main page. If your favorite issue isn’t represented yet, sorry. “Things take time,” as Piet Hein reminded us, and working 2.5 jobs plus church and community service precludes platform-building.

Besides, when you don’t represent a political party and aren’t even on the ballot, having a platform isn’t that critical.

All I ask is, if you’re going to write in my name, that you spell it correctly. 😉

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More From the Anti-Campaign

Reports of the Anti-Campaign’s demise were nonexistent, but if they had existed they would have been premature (to paraphrase Mr. Twain). No, the Anti-Campaign (“Politics as Unusual”) is still plugging along at its laconic pace. The latest Anti-Candidate positions — on abortion, and the budget — have gone up on the forum thread.

As always, comments, questions, and dissenting opinions are welcome in this, the Anti-Party.

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InstaPundit Poll: None of the Above

Just a friendly reminder from the Anti-Candidate, who did not release any campaign ads that prompted pretty young heiresses to release counter-ads: if you’re going to vote “None of the Above” in this InstaPundit poll, I’m available as your write-in vote.

I’m the GrayMan, and I approved this message. 😉

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No Speeches From the Anti-Candidate

The Anti-Candidate didn’t make any speeches this week: not on foreign soil, nor in the U.S., not with foreign leaders, nor with regular folks here locally.

So remember when you’re thinking about voting: here at about 100 days before the election, the Anti-Candidate has not been monopolizing your news or making a spectacle of himself in any way. (Or at least in any way that you’ve seen.)

Happy Friday!

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The Candidates and SF

On her “Fabianspace” blog, my friend Karina Fabian posits the candidates’ positions on the crucial issue of Science Fiction:

Let’s take just one point: the return of Firefly. I can understand McCain not addressing this — though he’d love the guns and horses, his staff would have to work him into the idea of science fiction as a whole.

But Obama? He’s a democrat — how can he not be aware of a television show? Oh, that’s right. It was on Fox.

Hilary, I think hinted at it with her campaign ad: It’s 3 AM and the terrorists strike. Who do you want in the White House? The answer is obvious:

Malcolm Reynolds.

I love it.

Karina also graciously supported my “Anti-Campaign” in the same blog entry. And even though the Anti-Candidate didn’t get any votes in yesterday’s big primaries (I haven’t seen the results from lower-level races), I vow to stay out of the race until the bitter end! 😉

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Thank Heavens Our Elections Aren't Like Russia's …

… that is, like Russia just had: In Russia, Medvedev Sweeps Presidential Election.

The fearmongers who believe the worst of the United States might actually be afraid of a similar scenario here. Those who think secret police are waiting to take them to prison for their dissenting opinions might spend sleepless nights afraid that President Bush could eschew all precedent and simply tap someone to succeed him — a neo-conservative ideologue, no doubt. They might be afraid that the party apparatus (run by the cabal that secretly controls both the Democratic and Republican parties) would then eliminate not only all political opposition but even most press coverage and criticism. And if the question should be put to the lemming-like citizens, who are so much less enlightened than those brilliant critics who see through the facade of patriotic public service, of course we would run out and vote overwhelmingly for the heir apparent.

In their fevered nightmare, instead of two parties actually competing, the single party would, like Medvedev’s party, collect 70% of the votes. And their worst fear would be realized when, instead of moving into retirement and other interests, President Bush would, like Putin, plan to take some new “Prime Secretary” position from which he would secretly run the government.

It would almost be worth it to see that scenario play out, just to see how many of the lunatic fringe of the far Left would stroke out. (It has already seemed as if they were campaigning against President Bush himself.)

Thankfully, we live in a country of laws, with a Constitution well worth supporting and defending and political traditions we wouldn’t give up lightly. It’s remarkable that the governmental system our Founding Fathers designed is so robust and so well-balanced.

So we will endure another election cycle, with all its hyperbole and posturing, and we will peacefully accept the results and live the best lives we can under whatever administration we elect.

And, to paraphrase Joseph de Maistre, we will get the government we deserve. Presumably, just like the Russians did.

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