As if I don’t read enough already — slush for Baen, science and current affairs articles for my university job, and a little (precious little!) pleasure reading — on the advice of a good friend I started reading Senator Obama’s The Audacity of Hope. (I love libraries.) It’ll be slow going, I think, since I’m using it as my “put me to sleep at night” reading.

I was interested in his characterization of his run for the Senate as “one last race.” Famous last words, as my mom used to say.

And I wasn’t sure how to take his detailed descriptions of the Senate chambers — the doors and damask and all that. On one hand, I was surprised that anyone other than an interior decorator or architecture buff would be so observant, and so was skeptical that he actually wrote that part himself. On the other hand, I was a little jealous that I’m not that observant … and I think my writing probably suffers as a result.

More on this subject at another time. Break’s over; back to the slush.

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  1. Gray Rinehart says:

    Glad you could finally join; sorry for the technical difficulties. We’re still working the bugs out.

    This is an appropriate place for you to start, since you’re the one who recommended the book in the first place!

  2. galtbrown says:

    Test MSG…
    I had to jump through an assortment of hoops, but here I am in all my middle-aged glory. I recommend that everyone on the Forum/subscribers simply request password reset and start from square one – that solved my log-in issues.