On Epiphany, a Prayer for an Epiphany

God of all that is, and was, and will be,
God of what is plain and what is mystery,
God of worlds beyond the wonders we see,
Hear this humble prayer

Help me find a purpose that is worthwhile
And ample peace, to live devoid of guile,
With power enough to go the extra mile —
Hear this humble prayer

What dreams should I abandon, and which pursue?
What thoughts examine to verify they’re true?
What truths to learn, and unlearn ones I knew?
Hear this humble prayer

God of all I will be, was, and am,
Hear this prayer and help me understand

(Image: “Pray,” by Esteban Chiner, on Flickr under Creative Commons.)

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2 Responses to On Epiphany, a Prayer for an Epiphany

  1. Katherine Switala says:

    Very nice, cousin.
    Except that our geneological connection is through my mother I would say you carry the poetic genes of Robert Frost. But . . . . he connects from my Dads side.
    Soo . . . gotta go with God given talent!