My New Political Party

Having moved recently, I had to submit voter registration paperwork in my new district. Rather than pick any of the major parties, I listed a party of one: The Foundations Party.

I thought of this party a long time ago, and came up with a list of foundations that the party — i.e., that I — consider important:

  • The foundation of society is the family
  • The foundation of civilization is productive creativity (or creative production)
  • The foundation of commerce is freedom of choice
  • The foundations of science are verifiable facts and repeatable experimentation
  • The foundations of knowledge are communicable concepts upheld by experience
  • The foundations of learning are curiosity and wonder
  • The foundations of freedom are autonomy and available options
  • The foundation of liberty is life itself … which may be the price paid for it
  • The foundation of the law is respect for individual autonomy
  • The foundation of civility is self-control

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You might quibble with my definitions, but as this is a single-person party, my definitions suffice for me. But are there any other foundational statements I should add? What would you suggest, using the formula “The foundation(s) of __ is(are) __”?

And: Want to join me? đŸ˜‰

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4 Responses to My New Political Party

  1. Susan says:

    The foundations of a house keep it standing. Ergo a house divided against itself has weak foundations. This is rather pessimistic, so I much prefer your definitions.

    • Ah, but that’s a fine analogy to describe the state of our societal “house” — that perhaps we’ve focused too much on decoration and luxury embellishments and not enough on keeping the foundation stable and strong. Thanks, Aunt Susan!

  2. Very solid foundations.

    Wheresoever law and politic become a burden to liberty, rather than instruments of its preservation and enjoyment, there lurks tyranny.