Look What I Found: A Podcast of My Story, Memorial at Copernicus

Okay, technically I didn’t “find” it — Google Alerts did its job and told me about it — but never mind that: one of my stories is now on audio!

“Memorial at Copernicus” is an alternate-history story that occurs on the Moon, and was my first story to be considered a “professional” sale. It originally appeared in the third issue of Redstone Science Fiction, in August 2010.

And now it’s also the first of my stories to ever be recorded. New Zealand author Amanda (AJ) Fitzwater recorded the story, and I’m especially pleased with how well she rendered the main character’s Russian accent.

You can find the audio story on Redstone Science Fiction’s audio page or by this direct link: “Memorial at Copernicus” audio.

And, while I’m at this, I think I’ll throw in a look at the cool cover art from that RSF issue:

One last thing: I find it a little odd that no one from the magazine told me this was happening [cough, cough]. But, it’s still pretty cool.

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