Islands, the Complete Audio Drama

Islands is now available — in its entirety! — at Baen Ebooks.

(Islands poster. Click for larger version.)

Based on an alternate history novella by Eric Flint and adapted for audio by Tony Daniel, Islands takes place in a Roman Empire in which alien intelligence has introduced industrial age technology such as muskets, steam engines, and the telegraph.

Yours truly played several minor roles in the drama, and had a lot of fun recording it with a group of terrific actors from the Research Triangle region. Tracey Coppedge and Paul Kilpatrick star as Anna and Calopodius Saronites, and the story features Lex Wilson, Jeff Aguiar, Izzy Burger, Rika Daniel, Carter, Paris Battle, Samuel Montgomery-Blinn, Pj Maske, and Cokie Daniel.

So if you missed when it was serialized on the Baen Free Radio Hour, you can pick up the complete audio drama here on the Baen Ebooks site.

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