I’ll Have a Story in an Upcoming Baen Books Anthology

The press embargo lifted yesterday! I’m excited to announce that my short story, “Lightweaver in Shadow,” will appear in the Shattered Shields military fantasy anthology coming out from Baen Books.

(Gray is going to be a Baen author!)

Editors Jennifer Brozek and Bryan Thomas Schmidt put together the anthology, and I was thrilled to learn that they selected my little story — first, because I still get excited when any of my stories are accepted for publication, and second, because this means that I will soon enough be a Baen author! After being connected to Baen as the “Slushmaster General” for the past few years, to have one of my stories picked for a Baen anthology feels terrific.

The anthology will be released as a trade paperback in November 2014, and the full Table of Contents features some wonderful authors:

  • Introduction by Jennifer Brozek and Bryan Thomas Schmidt
  • “Ashes and Starlight,” a Runelords story by David Farland
  • “The Fixed Stars,” an October Daye story by Seanan McGuire
  • “The Keeper of Names,” by Larry Corriea
  • “The Smaller We Are,” by John Helfers
  • “Invictus,” by Annie Bellett
  • “Rising Above,” by Sarah A. Hoyt
  • “A Cup of Wisdom,” by Joseph Zieja
  • “Words of Power,” by Wendy N. Wagner
  • “Lightweaver in Shadow,” by Gray Rinehart
  • “Hoofsore and Weary,” by Cat Rambo
  • “Vengeance,” a Frost story by Robin Wayne Bailey
  • “Deadfall,” by Nancy Fulda
  • “Yael of the Strings,” by John R. Fultz
  • “The Gleaners,” by Dave Gross
  • “Bonded Men,” by James L. Sutter
  • “Bone Candy,” a Black Company story by Glen Cook
  • “First Blood,” a Paksenarrion story by Elizabeth Moon


Since my story holds down the middle slot, I expect it’s the weakest of the bunch — but it made the cut! That’s good enough for me.

I’ll post more information as we get closer to the release date.

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5 Responses to I’ll Have a Story in an Upcoming Baen Books Anthology

  1. Guy Stewart says:

    Congratulations! I look forward to reading it! I’ve always enjoyed BAEN anthologies — like the Man-Kzin wars set. Loved those since I was a teen!

    Way to go!

  2. Jason M Waltz says:

    Or it could be the integral tentpole holding up the center of the Big Top 🙂 Congrats Gray!