A Hard Teaching

I’ve come to think of responsibility as, at its most basic, the ability to respond. That presents a high bar to clear, in light of this hard teaching about following the example of Christ:

In carnal wisdom, in earthly wisdom, it is height of responsibility to take responsibility for your own actions. But in God’s economy, in God’s new world, we are called to take responsibility for what we did not do….

I need to think more about the implications of that.

Lord, help me to understand.

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2 Responses to A Hard Teaching

  1. Roy Reichle says:

    As a Catholic Christian, I am more aware of this than I ever was as a non-catholic. Every Sunday, part of the liturgy calls for we, the body of Christ, to call to mind our sins, those actions we did and those we failed to do. I can probably say, my greatest sins are those I fail to do. Things like greed, and lust, mostly hurt me, as they are private. To fail to help the needy, to not pray for the suffering, that not only makes me callous, but it steals from those in need.

    • Yeah, that’s part of it — along with the nagging knowledge that no matter what I do it’s never enough to satisfy all the needs and often it’s not as much as I could do if I were willing to sacrifice more.