Gray Rinehart presents Truths & Lies & Make-Believe

Writers for Relief, October 2013, including short fiction by Gray Rinehart

Asimov's SF, July 2013, including short fiction by Gray Rinehart

Lore, April 2013, including short fiction by Gray Rinehart

Analog SF & Fact, November 2012, including short fiction by Gray Rinehart

Asimov's SF, October-November 2012, including short fiction by Gray Rinehart

Analog SF & Fact, July-August 2012, including short fiction by Gray Rinehart

Asimov's SF, April-May 2012, including short fiction by Gray Rinehart

Analog SF & Fact, September 2011, including short fiction by Gray Rinehart

Crossed Genres Quarterly #2, including short fiction by Gray Rinehart

Redstone Science Fiction, including short fiction by Gray Rinehart

Tales of the Talisman, including flash fiction by Gray Rinehart

Zahir, including a short story by Gray Rinehart

Quality Education, by Gray Rinehart


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Website Redesign In Work

Okay, we didn't get the redesign done by the "first of the year," but we're still working on it.

Recent Work

Fiction: "Lightweaver in Shadow," a short story in Shattered Shields, a Baen Books anthology released in November.

Voice acting: Larry Correia's DETROIT CHRISTMAS, an audio drama based on the novelette by Larry Correia, Baen Books, December 2014.

Upcoming Appearances

MystiCon, February 27 - March 1, 2015, Roanoke, Virginia.

RavenCon, April 24-6, 2015, Richmond, Virginia.

ConCarolinas, May 29-31, 2015, Charlotte, North Carolina.

Con-Gregate, July 10-2, 2015, High Point, North Carolina.

Dragon_Con, September 4-7, 2015, Atlanta, Georgia.

Recent Appearances

NerdVana's "Merry Freakin' FILK-smas," December 11, 2014, Raleigh, North Carolina.

illogiCon, January 9-11, 2015, Raleigh, North Carolina.

Telling Our Stories ... and Yours

You can find Gray's fiction in magazines such as Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, and Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show; in addition, some of his music tells stories, too.

Gray has written over 200 speeches for high-level executives, including Presidential appointees, so if you have a speaking engagement coming up for any audience and any occasion, ask us about writing a speech for you. In addition, two of the novels Gray has recommended to Baen Books have been published, one of which won a prestigious award, and recently Gray narrated an audio version of a short story and has done some voice acting.

Here in our cyber-haunt you will find links to fiction, nonfiction, music, and other odds and ends. If you want to be kept up-to-date on what the Gray Man has going on, use the 'Subscribe' button on the left of the screen. Thanks!

Blog, Blog, Blogging Along

We're still having fun with our Ghost Writer blog. If you ever read what we post, thank you, and we'd love it if you left comments!

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While the rules for write-in candidates vary from place to place, and sometimes are as difficult to navigate as the rules for becoming an official candidate, the Anti-Candidate remains available as a write-in candidate for any elective office, anywhere. All we ask is that you spell our name correctly.

If you're interested in "Politics As Unusual," take a look at the Anti-Campaign page -- or grab a copy of our album and listen to our theme song, "I Think I'll Run for Congress." Let us know what you think, and yes: donations are accepted.

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